Jackye Villarreal

Jackye Villarreal
Art Director


I was on several swim teams and my high school dance team in Elementary through High School (go eagles!). While I loved the team spirit, the activity and my team mates the swim team was lacking a good coach and positivity so I threw myself into the Dance Team full time. While I knew the excercise/activity was in no way comparable to my swim training, I was happy, had time to dedicate and our team was doing great in all aspects.

Moving to Columbus and going to CCAD (art school) had me missing a huge part of life - sports, a team environment and mostly anything active. After graduation I found my way to a gym and worked with a trainer but soon got bored and lost interest in it all together even though I was seeing results.

It was after seeing my friend lose a HUGE amount of weight (he basically lost a person) and competing in a body building competition that I decided to do something. I searched for a gym that wasn't a globogym and CFNA popped up. I went in for my first class the week after Thanksgiving 2012 and haven't looked back since! Through this awesome place not only have I made amazing friends, I got my drive to be active back, I love the team/competitive atmosphere again, and I got two other family members to drink the CrossFit kool-aid!

Seriously, I love this place and all the people who WOD here, and I consider myself extremely lucky to be a part of it!

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