CrossFit changes lives. For some it's more dramatic than others. I've always enjoyed running and working out. Despite my efforts to be healthy and fit I've struggled with body image and confidence. CrossFit has not only increased my fitness level it's more importantly increased my confidence in myself and changed my attitude towards my body. My gains and improvements have been slow (after 2 years of CrossFit I can now do 1 strict pull up on a good day) but I am stronger than I've ever been and have more confidence in myself and what I am capable of doing. If I continued to workout on my own I'm not sure if I would ever be as strong as I am now or it would take me twice as long to get the results I've had with CrossFit. I may not lift a ton of weight in the grand scheme of the CrossFit world but I do what I can to push myself and keep myself safe and injury free and that's what this gym supports. Wherever you're at the trainers and members just want to push everyone to do their best, no judgments as to what that "best" is.

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