I used to have a bad back/shoulders, chronically stiff, no energy, and get sinus infections/allergies/ear issues. As an audio engineer who works a physical job in music and film production, I needed to figure something out. I tried everything else you could think of. I was otherwise healthy, athletic, and in good shape, but felt like I was falling apart physically. Crossfit was the solution to all my issues. Crossfit was the first place that said exactly what was wrong with me and offered a systematic approach to make me better. My first Olympic class I couldn't get anywhere close to a full overhead squat w a PVC pipe. At that point, I was so thrilled because I knew exactly why I had a bad back and shoulders, I had no strength or absolutely no mobility. Crossfit led me to proper nutrition, revive chiropractic, mobility wod, better sleep, a standing desk, and Olympic lifting. 2 years of crossfit and revive, and I feel better than ever, no allergies, don't get sick, and can almost squat snatch my body weight.

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