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Levels & Moving Up

  • -Our Foundational Level is where people start and they move up when they are ready.

    *NOTE: People who are at higher levels do the Foundational WOD when it is the most appropriate one for them.

  • -Level 1 is where people move up to when they feel like comfortable within class and feel functional enough to take on slightly higher end skills and weights.

  • -To move up to Level 2 you must first pass Olympic lifting class as well as be able to do one strict pull up, one strict ring dip and 20 unbroken double unders.

  • -There is no “passing” to Level 3, you simply do that Level when you can do ALL the movements.

    *NOTE: You choose the WOD that is the most appropriate for you that day (regardless of your so called LEVEL).

  • -Any Level 2/3 WOD with Olympic lifting in it cannot be done for Level 1 or Foundational Level members.

  • -The CrossFit classes have 4 possible WOD’s available to do (Foundational and Levels 1, 2, and 3).

Olympic Lifting Class

Olympic Lifting

  • -If you have not passed the Front squat 155/100lbs, Deadlift 200/135lbs and Overhead squat 95/65lbs test then you cannot do the Olympic class but you can do our Olympic Alternative session. It is a posted weekly session that you do on the side, lots of mobility, rowing, running and ninja work.

  • -We have the baseline strength tests to keep people safe, you need a certain amount of strength and mobility to stay safe in Olympic class.

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